Lactate Pro 2

A blood lactate test meter, the "Lactate Pro 2" speedily measures lactate with only a small sample of blood.

Only a 0.3µl blood sample is required. Speedy measurements in 15 sec. High performance in a small size.

  1. The new LT–1730 is the successor the LT–1710:

  2. Lactate analysis in whole blood • Minimal sample volume. Only 0.3μl .

  3. Fast Measurement • Only 15 seconds to get the result • (Old LT-1710: 60 seconds)

  4. Beautiful new modern design • Technically improved

  5. Output measured data to PC via USB

  6. The data format is CSV format • readable by EXCEL.

  7. Sample: Whole blood • Measurement : Lactate in whole blood

  8. Reagent: Lactate Pro 2 Test Strips

  9. Memory capacity: 330 measurement results

  10. Measurement time: 15 sec / test

  11. Measurement conditions: Temperature: 5-40 ℃ • Humidity: 20-80 % RH

  12. Temp. compensation: Automatic correction by internal thermostat

  13. External output: Yes (Using USB Cable)

  14. Dimension 100 (H) x 50 (W) x 12 (D) mm

  15. Weight 45 g

  16. Power supply: One coin Battery (CR2032)

Lactate Pro 2 Strips (Box of 25)

USB Cable XS MU-9330 (Software included)

Download to Widows operated PC in a CSV file via the USB cable 

Results analysis can be viewed with new ARKRAY software

Lactate Pro Strips (Box of 25 strips)

Strips for the Lactate Pro are still available for at least the next 2 years

Multi Lancet Device

Lancets (Box of 200 disposable lancets)



Portable Blood Lactate Analyzer

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