Lactate Pro 2 LT-1730 

A blood lactate test meter, the "Lactate Pro 2" speedily measures lactate with only a small sample of blood.

Only a 0.3µl blood sample is required. Speedy measurements in 15 sec. High performance in a small size.

  1. The new LT–1730 is the successor the LT–1710:

  2. Lactate analysis in whole blood • Minimal sample volume. Only 0.3μl .

  3. Fast Measurement • Only 15 seconds to get the result • (Old LT-1710: 60 seconds)

  4. Beautiful new modern design • Technically improved

  5. Output measured data to PC via USB  (NOT MAC COMPATIBLE)

  6. The data format is CSV format • readable by EXCEL.

  7. Sample: Whole blood • Measurement : Lactate in whole blood

  8. Reagent: Lactate Pro 2 Test Strips

  9. Memory capacity: 330 measurement results

  10. Measurement time: 15 sec / test

  11. Measurement conditions: Temperature: 5-40 • Humidity: 20-80 % RH

  12. Temp. compensation: Automatic correction by internal thermostat

  13. External output: Yes (Using USB Cable)

  14. Dimension 100 (H) x 50 (W) x 12 (D) mm

  15. Weight 45 g

  16. Power supply: One coin Battery (CR2032)


Measurement range                            0.8~23.3mmol/L                                          0.5~25.0mmol/L

Measuring Time                                   60 Sec.                                                          15 Sec.

Sample volume                                    5.0μL                                                              0.3μL

Valid period of the test strips             12 months                                                      18 months

Calibration                                            using a calibration strip                                   Automatic calibration (No coding)

Operating Environment                       10~40℃                                                         5~40℃

Memory                                                  20 test results                                                 330 test results

External output                                      No                                                                   Yes

Button                                                     No                                                                   Yes

User Identification                                 No                                                                   Identify 3 users

Lactate Pro LT-1710

Lactate Pro 2 LT-1730



Portable Blood Lactate Analyzer

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