Lactate Pro - Lactate Analyzer


• Superseded by the NEW Lactate Pro 2

• Strips for the Lactate Pro still available to order till Dec 2018


Lactate Pro is the blood lactate test meter of choice with elite teams and sport scientists for monitoring athlete training and for sport research. It is a high precision performance product, equivalent of other large scale testing instruments. The test strip collects an exact amount of blood and results are obtained in approximately 60 seconds.


The Lactate Pro blood lactate test meter is:

  1. The size of a credit card - making it portable and easy to use anywhere

  2. Measures lactate with only a small sample of blood (0.5 μL)

  3. High data precision of C.V.3%

  4. Stores up to 20 measurements

Lactate Pro is fully approved by the FDA and the only portable lactate analyzer to be validated for medical use in the USA

(An extensive clinical trial was carried out at the Harvard Children's Hospital in Boston).

Lactate Pro 2 - Lactate Analyzer     (Click for comparison)

The NEW Lactate Pro 2 surpasses the Lactate Pro

Small sample volume: 0.3 μL

Only 0.3 μL blood sample is needed for measurement:

The smallest volume in the world.

Rapid measurement: 15 sec.

Measurement result is displayed in just 15 sec.

No chip coding

Hassle-free operation prior to measurement thanks to auto calibration.

Compact - light & handy

The meter is convenient for use on the move.

Meter dimensions are 100(L) × 50(W) × 12(H)mm.

Meter weight is just 45 g (including battery).

User identification

Up to 3 users can individually save their results up to 330 tests in total.

PC connection

Measurement results can be transferred to computer with new ARKRAY software.

Some of the organisations that utilise Lactate Pro in Australia

  1.  Australian Institute of Sport

  2.  Australian Catholic University

  3.  Australian Swimming Inc.

  4. Deakin University

  5.  NSW Institute of Sport

  6.  Queensland Academy of Sport

  7. RMIT University

  8.  South Australian Sports Institute

Click here for evaluation of the Lactate Pro


  1. Southern Cross University

  2.  Tasmanian Institute of Sport

  3. The Australian College of Physical Education

  4.  Victoria University

  5. Victorian Institute of Sport

  6.  Western Australia Institute of Sport

  7.  Leading Sports Physiologists, National and State Coaches


Portable Blood Lactate Analyzer

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